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2000 FLUSHES Blue Plus Bleach 3.5 Oz

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2000 Flushes works hard so you don't have to! Cleaning the toilet is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. 2000 Flushes Blue Plus Bleach Anti-bacterial Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaners are so easy to use - just drop one in the tank and it cleans and deodorizes with every flush. Kills 99.9% of bacteria. Combines chlorine cleaning to bleach away stains with powerful blue detergents to freshen with every flush. It keeps the toilet clean and deodorized and the water sparkling blue for up to four months.


3-Dichloro-5, 5-Dimethylhyantoin 81.1, 3-Dichloro-5-Ethyl-5-Methylhydantoin, Minimum Available Chlorine

UPC: 041737208017